Food safety Best practice

Special project for food industry management, quality managers, health officers, auditors, consultants, subcontractors, solution developers and suppliers, employees, initiative people.

Project goals:
  • Develop and visualize
    the best practice
  • Form right habits
  • Optimize costs and
    increase competitiveness
  • Reduce risks
of all food poison cases are caused by mistakes of workers
of food processing industry
Source: Howes et al., 1996

Main causes of food poisoning:

  • 32% - poor personal hygiene
  • 28% - cross contamination
  • 13% - employee infections

Why don’t employees wash their hands?

  • Low standards of individual hygiene
  • Ignorance of established rules of hygiene
  • Luck of appropriate conditions

wash their hands NOT CORRECTLY



Source: Clayton, D., Griffith C. J. (2004 г.) Observation of food safety practices in catering using notational analysis. British Food Journal, № 106(3): p. 211–227; observation of 31 050 actions on 29 enterprises.

The project “Alphabet of Purity” is aimed at improving the culture of producing
and was started at 2008.Now best practices developed under this project are used by thousands of companies.

The most difficult thing while building the food security system
is to change the approach of your employees!

Scientifically proven:


of information

people perceive
through their vision

Visual information
is digested

60 000

times faster
than written one

So easy and effective that they wonder
why they haven't thought of it before!
We know how to make
information accessible to each employee!
After 10 years,
we offer joint participation in the new project:

Food safety Best practice

Your solution may look like this. We are interested in your opinion as a specialist.
Send us your vision and we are going to help with its visualization. Name and position of author will be indicated for sure.

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Concerns for food safety
brings us together!

Food safety

Rewarding of the best experts and the best solutions in the field of food safety!

Why involvement in Best Practice is important?


Creation of the Best Practice guide
will help you and your colleagues
to improve the quality of manufactured products, competitiveness
of your producing.


Improve the image of the Russian manufacturers for local
and foreign consumers,
increase export potential.


Improve your professional qualification as a specialist, manager,
contribute to the development
of producing culture.


Get up-to-date information,
communicate with colleagues in the scope,
share the experience.

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